want to be in a magazine?!

{photo cred: glamour dot com}

Recently, one of my editor friends fell victim to the financial crisis. She is INCREDIBLY talented and now unemployed - and in NYC, the most expensive damn city in the world! You know things are bad when Web giants (man, I wish I could spill the name...) become vulnerable. Anyway, she was able to land a few freelancing gigs! For her most recent assignment, this is what she is looking for:

"I'm trying to find women between the ages of 18-38 who were friends in college and are now living together because of the economy. Did they take similar paths out of school and now one is employed and the other looking for work? Please let me know if you know of anyone in this situation or a similar situation and I'll give you a kickback that has yet to be determined, but will be so worth it ;)"

Help a girl out! If you - or someone you know - fits this description, lemme know and I will spread the word!