what the fruit

Last week stylist Rachel Zoe divulged news that she has, in fact, trademarked her token phrases: "I DIE" and, um, "BANANAS," resulting in an unspoken feud between her and Christopher Sauvé over his brilliant Zoe-inspired tee:

{photo cred: The Cut}

Zoe is demanding these shirts (all 25 of them, wowww) be ripped from the shelves, but today Sauvé is fighting back, demanding that we "free fruit everywhere!" In the legal meantime, he came up with these other (also brilliant) tees:

{photo cred: The Cut}

Who knew you could trademark phrases (or fruit, for that matter) that have definitely been spoken, eaten, etc. by others in the past.

But, the real question here is: If Rachel Zoe can claim the word BANANAS (ahem, BANANAS™) as her very own, does this mean Gwen Stefani can claim the spelling of B-A-N-A-N-A-S., too? Who the hell knows. This is a grocery store's worst nightmare.